Document generation with data from Salesforce.
With DocXpert you create uniform documents in a time-saving and error-free manner – without your data or documents leaving the Salesforce platform. DocXpert is a 100% Salesforce native app for document generation.

Salesforce Addons und Templates

Impress customers, partners and employees with speed and individuality.

The creation of documents is often time-consuming due to manual adjustments.

With DocXpert you can accelerate interaction and increase productivity by freeing up time and resources.


With DocXpert you can create individual documents in docx with dynamic tables, images and text modules in just a few clicks.


Now all employees work with the same templates. The administration takes place in a central place. The corporate design of your company is adhered to at all times.


DocXpert eliminates copy & paste and spelling mistakes. The text modules always contain all the information that is necessary in your document.

  • 100% Salesforce native: data protection, performance and stability according to Salesforce standards
  • Document generation from standard  and custom objects
  • Generation of documents in docx and PDF
  • Text modules with Conditional IF support
  • Templates in different languages with local support
  • For-Loop for tables and positions
  • Integration of images and logos via image merge support
  • Versioning and history of documents
  • Download function
  • Flexible and easy customisation with SOQL
  • Storage in Salesforce files
  • Share documents
  • No limits on templates or created documents

Demo: DocXpert – Dynamic Documents with your Salesforce data

With DocXpert you create uniform documents in a time-saving and error-free manner – without your data or documents leaving the Salesforce platform. DocXpert is a 100% Salesforce native

Create all kinds of documents with data from Salesforce

Serial letters





Visit reports

Service reports

Your document

Always the right templates at the right time

You determine which templates are being made available to which employee. The criterion can be e.g. the object or the language of the user. Offer templates are only displayed when creating offers or selected templates appear in a specific language depending on the language of the user. Thanks to the central administration, all employees work in the current corporate design.

More orders through speed and individuality

The speed and individuality of offers have influence on the completion rate: With DocXpert you can quickly create attractive and correct offers with product images, tables and individual text modules. Your Sales team saves time in the preparation of offers and has more time for the acquisition of new customers and customer care.

Save effort – not only when creating documents

Reduce administrative effort: The use of text modules and elements reduces the number of your templates and thus the maintenance effort.

Reduce the quota of queries: The centralized management of templates not only results in uniform documents in the current corporate design, but also lowers queries from employees about current documents.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here you will find frequently asked questions and our answers about the DocXpert. If your question is not included or has not been answered comprehensively, please contact us. We’re here to help.

First steps

  • DocXpert is a Salesforce App for document generation. It is a lean solution with high flexibility, which also solves demanding document requirements.

  • No. Your data will not leave the Salesforce platform. Our solution is 100% Salesforce native. Data processing takes place within your Salesforce instance and not on third-party servers.

  • Since our solution is 100% Salesforce native and the data does not leave the platform, documents are created at the usual Salesforce Lightning speed.

  • With the DocXpert you are saving time and resources when creating documents. This will lower costs and increase your productivity.

    You save time and money not only when creating documents: The maintenance effort for templates is reduced, since you can reduce the number of templates with the functions of the DocXpert.
    A quick, error-free and attractive creation of offers can even help you to get more orders.

  • DocXpert is for all companies that want to convert data from Salesforce into documents.
    With DocXpert, small and large companies can create all kinds of documents that are used in their specific industry.

    • Construction: Offers, contracts, orders, invoices, audit reports,work contracts, project management reports
    • Education: Certificates, class lists, study notices, work contracts, form letters
    • Engery and Utilities: Offers, contracts, orders, invoices, work contracts, legal documents, form letters, project management reports
    • Finance and Insurance: Financial proposals, contracts, financial reports, portfolio evaluations, insurance policies, real estate evaluations
    • Healthcare: Health reports, patient letters, nursing documentation, work contracts, invoices
    • Manufacturing: Offers, contracts, orders, invoices, work contracts, service reports, waybills, project management reports
    • Retail: Offers, contracts, orders, invoices, work contracts
    • Public Administration: Certificates, contracts, notices, permits, work contracts
    • Transport and Tourism: Travel tickets, event tickets, offers, orders, invoices, vouchers
  • To use the DocX Creator you need the Enterprise or Lightning Unlimited Edition of the Sales Cloud or Service Cloud. In addition, the DocX Creator can only be used in Lightning Experience.


  • With DocXpert you can create documents with data from all standard and your custom objects.

  • Yes. Images and logos are integrated via image merge support.

  • Yes.

  • Yes.

  • docx and PDF.

  • Yes. This is a standard feature of Salesforce files.

  • We currently do not offer DocXpert on Appexchange. Availability on Appexchange is planned.

  • The steps for the implementation and the creation of templates are described in the system documentation for DocXpert.

Here you find the prices for DocXpert. The functionality is the same for all packages. The best: No limits on templates or created documents.

Package S: 10 Users

7,50 € / month*

  • per user
Package M: 11-50 Users

6,50 € / month*

  • per user
Package L: 51 - 100 Users

5,50 € / month*

  • per user

Unlimited: Company Edition

Price upon request

*An annual contract is required for this package. Billing takes place annually and in advance. The minimum purchase is 10 users. All prices  are exclusive of statutory sales tax.

Create your documents with data from Salesforce now.

Always the right templates at the right time

Erstellen Sie jetzt Ihre Dokumente aus Salesforce. Immer die richtigen Vorlagen zum richtigen Zeitpunkt
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